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Controls & Readouts


2 or 3 Axis Control - 3 Axis Readout

Hardware Features Include:
  • Precision ground and hardened ball screws
  • Powerful DC servo motor assemblies
  • Closed loop feedback using Acu-Rite® precision glass scales (2pm/.0001" resolution
  • 10 flat panel, color, LCD display
  • Large internal part program storage capacity
The CONTROL you've always wanted:
  • RS232 port
  • Remote stop/go switch
  • Modular construction
  • Maximum table feed rate of100 inches per minute


Readout Systems

Vision Readout Systems

All Acu-Rite readout systems incorporate Acu-Rite precision glass scales.


Excellence in measurement and positioning technology

Acu-Rite markets a complete family of user-defined, application specific readout systems that offer greater ease of use and flexibility, reduced set-up time, increased accuracy, productivity, durability, reliability and workpiece quality.

Applications for milling, turning, grinding, EDMing and others can be significantly enhanced by utilizing a readout system that is designed to solve the specific positioning needs you face everyday.  

Digital Readout Systems

Acu-Rite readout systems include Position-Trac™, a unique feature that answers the need for battery backup by providing an immediate reference to the last-known zero.  Position-Trac™ significantly reduces time consuming set-ups after power loss.




QC-5000  - Computer system for all Coordinate Measuring Machines... including: Numerex, Cordax, Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, Starret, DEA, Sheffield and more!

Chances are you've already got a Quadra-Chek in your plant, why not add your CMM to the list of quality control instruments made more productive (and profitable) by the Power of Quadra-Chek?


Total Quality Solutions...
The Real Power of Quadra-Chek!


What good is a measuring readout system if it takes forever to learn how to use it?  The QC-5000 follows the same measuring logic as all our other high quality Quadra-Chek products, whether it's the QC-2000 on your optical comparator or the QC-4000 on a video inspection machine, the QC-5000 is easier and faster to learn, making your operators productive more quickly.


Standard Features:

  • 12" x 12" measuring envelope
  • Quadra-Chek 2000 digital readout
  • 7:1 zoom range (30x-210x magnification range)
  • .0001"/.002mm resolution linear encoder
  • Electronically generated crosshair
  • Color video system
  • Black impala granite base
  • Quick release mechanism
  • 150w fiber optic illuminator and ringlight
  • RS-232 serial port for SPC, data collections, etc.
  • Absolute/incremental datums
  • Feature storage
  • Non-linear error correction
  • Rack and pinion focus mechanism
  • NIST traceability