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Machine Tool Accessories

Acu-Rite/Heidenhain- Digital Readout Systems and Millpwr CNC Control Systems
Agathon- Die set components.
Air Turbine- Air powered die grinders.
Albrecht- Keyless drill chucks and arbors.
Aloris- Quick change lathe tooling.
ATS-Sjogren- Collet Chucks, workholding tooling, Bar Feeds.
Baldor- Bench top grinders and motors.
Big Daishowa- Big-Plus Tooling Systems
Bison- Lathe and Collet Chucks, and Rotary Tooling
Bondhus- Hex wrench balldrivers.
Buck- Lathe chucks.
Burr King- Belt sanders and Deburring Equipment
Busch- Precision- angle plates.
Cedarberg- Snap-loc coolant fittings and phase converters.
Command- CNC tool holder systems
Criterion- Boring heads and accessories.
Dorian- Lathe tooling.
Equipto- Storage cabinet systems.
Harig- Precision grinding fixtures.
Heinrich- Drill press vises.
Huot- CNC Tool Holders and Cutting tool Storage Systems
J&S Tool- Grinding wheel dressers.
Jacobs- Drill chucks.
Kanetec- Magnetic tools and accessories.
Kasier-Precision Boring Tool Systems
Kaiser Thin Bit- Grooving, Boring, Threading and Turning Tools.
Kalamazoo Ind.- Abrasive cut off, belt and disc sanders.
Kennedy/Bott- Machinists' chests and tool storage boxes.
Kurt- Machine vises, power draw bars and workholding systems
Lyndex/Nikken- CNC Tooling and Accessories.
Midaco Corp.- Quick change pallet systems.
Nikken/Lyndex - CNC Tooling and accessories.
Phase II Plus - Testing & Precision Instruments, cutting tools.
Rohm- Lathe chucks and live centers.
Royal- Machine tool accessories.
SPI- Inspection gauging equipment and shop tools.
SRD- Drill grinders.
Servo- Power feed systems.
Sterling- Large drill sharpeners.
Suburban- Precision Tool Systems.
Tapmatic- Tapping Heads.
Te-Co- Clamping kits and systems.
Techniks- CNC Tool Holding Systems
Tecnara- CNC Tooling Systems.
Tecnomagnete- Permanent and Electro Magnetic Milling Chucks and Lifting Magnets
Tohnichi- Torque Wrenches, Watches, and Screw Drivers, For Assembly,
   Gauging, Testing and Calibration
Toolmex- Lathe and Collet Chucks Rotary Tooling.
Troyke- Manual and CNC Rotary Tables.
Waldmann- Halogen Machine and Task Lights and magnifiers.
Walker- Magnetic chucks.
Wilton- Machinery, drill presses, band saws, belt sanders, etc.
Yuasa- CNC Rotary Products, Machine Tool Accessories

Inspection and Gauging

Acu-Gage- Large capacity video inspection systems
Agmaco- Precision thread and cylindrical gauges and rings
Anton- Precision setup tooling
Brown & Sharpe- Precision measuring instruments
Busch- Precision- angle plates
Carbide Probes - Probes for Indicators & CMM's, Standard and Custom
Dazor- Video Magnifiers, Lighting and Optical Magnifiers
Diatest- Split Ball Boregaging, Indicating Plug Gages, and Snap Gages
Dorsey Gage - Standard Bore Gages, Snap Gages
Dyer-Boregaging, Groove Gaging and Special Diameter Gages
Elm Systems- Large capacity coordinate measuring machines.
Fixlogix - Fixturing for CMM's, video and comparators.
Fred V Fowler- Precision height gauges, bore gauges and measuring instruments.
Glastonbury Southern Gage-Plug and Ring Gages, Taper Gages, Tri-Roll Thread Gages, Concentricity Gages, Zero Spindle and Dia-Met Comparators
Helmel - Manual & CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (American made)
- Digital readouts for 2D and 3D coordinate measurement.   Microscope, Optical Comparators and CMM retrofits.  Powerful Readout Amplifiers and Displays for Transducers and Fixture Gaging
- Tool Presetting Equipment
Kentucky Gauge-Manual and Automatic Conveyor Type Gauging Systems
Mahr-Federal- Precision measuring equipment, Measuring Handtools and equipment for Calibration and Gear checking.
Push-Pull Force Gages
Metlogix - Measuring software & interfaces for video and optical systems.
Meyer- Gauge pins and Thread Gauges.
Mitutoyo- Coordinate Measuring Machines, Fully Automatic Video Inspection Systems, Microscopes, Optical Comparators, Systems for Measuring Form, Contour, Roundness and Surface Finish, Laser Micrometers and Precision measuring equipment
Muller- High Performance Groove Gauging
Optimet- Laser Scanning and Digitizing Systems
Paul W. Marino Gauges- Touch probe styli and CMM fixturing systems.
Phase II Plus - Testing & Precision Instruments, cutting tools.
Pratt & Whitney- Super Mikes and Calibration Equipment
Renishaw-Probing Systems, Stylus, Linear Scales and Calibration equipment for Measuring Machines and Machine Tools
SPI- Inspection gauging equipment and shop tools.
S-T Industries- Optical comparators, manual and CNC. Video microscopes and hand measuring tools.
L. S. Starrett- Height gauges, Bore Gauges, Hand Measuring Tools
    Granite Surface Plates, Angles and Parallels.
Suburban- Precision Tool Systems.
Tohnichi- Torque Wrenches, Watches, and Screw Drivers, For Assembly,
   Gauging, Testing and Calibration
Tru-Stone/Starrett- Granite angle, parallels and surface plates.
Visual Precision- Optical comparator overlay charts.
Werth - Multi-sensor video, laser & contact measurement systems, high accuracy X-ray CF measuring systems.

Cutting Tools

3M/Victory Diamond- Diamond wheels and dressing tools.
Big Kaiser -
Precision drilling and boring systems.
Carbide Thread Mills, Thread Turning Inserts and Holders
Dapra- High Performance Indexable Insert Milling Cutters.
Darex- End mill and drill sharpeners.
Gorilla Mill- High Performance Carbide End mills and Drills
ITW - Rustlick Coolants.
Kaiser ThinBit - grooving, boring, threading, turning tools.
Komet- Carbide indexable insert drills, turning, boring, reaming, modular
    tooling systems.
Lenox- Bandsaw Blades
Micro 100- Micrograin carbide tools.
OSG- Taps-Drills-Endmills.
Phase II Plus - Testing & Precision Instruments, cutting tools.
Regal/Beloit- Thread plug and ring gauges.
SGS- Carbide end mills, boring tools, reamers and drills.
Sumitomo- Carbide, CBN, and PCD Inserts, Boring and Turning Tools,
    Milling Cutters and Carbide Drills.
Toolmex - Indexable carbide, turning, milling, drilling, grooving tools.
Viking- Drill bits.
Yankee- H.S.S. and cobalt reamers.

Metalworking Machinery

Acer - Precision machine tools, milling, turning, surface grinding, cnc, manual
Burr King
- Belt sanders and Deburring Equipment
Clausing- Precision machine tools, sawing, grinding, turning, milling, drilling.
Clausing/Kalamazoo- Metal cutting bandsaws, vertical, horizontal, and
    Circular Saws.
Comac-Heavy-Duty angle rolls, plate rolls and other accessories
Dake- Arbor presses, manual and hydraulic.
Deckel- Single lip cutter grinders.
DoAll- High Production Power Saw, Vertical and Horizontal Saws, Contour Band Machines and Custom Sawing Systems
Enshu- Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers.
Everett- Abrasive cut off systems.
Fortune-(OR-Victor Tiachung)- Vertical and Horizontal Machining and Turning Centers.
FMB- Precision Gear Driven Horizontal Mitre-Cutting Bandsaws
Grob- Vertical Bandsaws
Ineco- Tube and pipe benders
Kalamazoo Ind.- Abrasive cut off, belt and disc sanders.
Kent International USA- Surface grinders.
Kingston- CNC and Manual Large Bore Lathes
Macri- CNC tube bending applications
Marvel-Marvel brand high speed automatic metal cutting saws, vertical and horizontal, factory authorized service, parts and accessories
Nomura- Large horizontal boring and milling machines.
OR-Victor Taichung- Vertical and Horizontal Machining and Turning Centers.
PMI - Precision aluminum and non-ferrous sawing systems.
RMD- Simplified tube bending machinery
Republic-Lagun- Vertical and horizontal milling machines.
Roll-In- Vertical band saws.
Sharp- Milling machines, lathes and radial drills and surface grinders, CNC vertical machining cetners.
Soco- High speed, highly flexible tube bending machines with up to 5 servo driven axis
Spartan-Spartan brand high speed automatic metal cutting saws, vertical and horizontal, iron workers, parts and accessories
Speedycut- Tapping machines.
Sterling- Large drill sharpeners.
Supertec- Cylindrical, Centerless and Surface Grinders
Tennsmith- Hand brakes and shears.
Toolmex- Large lathes, manual - CNC
Transfluid-Custom built manual, CNC and automated tube bending and end forming solutions.
Wilton- Machinery, drill presses, band saws, belt sanders, etc.

EDM & WEDM Supplies

Intech EDM- EDM wire, graphite, dielectric oils and EDM Accessories

If you do not see what you are looking for within this listing, please give us a call